Six Cent Press cares for the kids!

January 25, 2016

AllySince Six Cent Press’s participation in the Burnaby School Board Work Experience program back in May 2015, we are happy to announce that it has been a huge success for both the kids and everyone at Six Cent Press!

Meet Ally! A Grade 12 student attending Byrne Creek Secondary. Over the next week she will be working with our art department helping with artwork & set-up along with print. Ally will also be taking over our blog too, snapping photos and writing about the more creative buttons that come thru Six Cent Press each and every day! But to kick things off, Ally will be rolling up her sleeves and helping out our production team, making buttons in order to meet some pretty tight deadlines.

Ally is fascinated with the Tiny House movement. When she graduates high school, Ally wants to learn all the necessary skills involved in building her own tiny house that she will later call home. Ally believes that “going into debt to buy a big house that echoes and to fill it up with stuff that has no meaning doesn’t make sense”. We think Ally makes perfect sense!