Looking for a Crackle! to complete this set!

January 24, 2017


kelloggs-buttonsWeeks back we acquired this older set of 1″ Kellogg’s Cereal buttons. These buttons where used as a promotion from 1959 as Kellogg’s premium toy prize found in every box of Cereal.

Pictured here we have Sugar Pop Pete, Tony the Tiger, Sugar Smack Smaxey, Huckleberry Hound for Frosted Sugar Stars, Snap! and Pop! for Rice Krispies.

We would be thrilled to find us a Crackle! to complete this 1″ button set!

Back in 2013, Complex Magazine  wrote a post of “The 25 Greatest Cereal Prizes of All Time”. Though pin back buttons did not make the cut, there are some pretty neat toy prizes from Garfield Bike Reflectors to Honey-Comb Iron-On Patches. You wouldn’t find these novelty toy prizes in todays Cereal boxes!