Shipping a Canadian Classic!

August 29, 2017

This is the fourth logo, known internally as “the gem”.┬áDesigned for the CBC by graphic artist Burton Kramer in December 1974, and it is the most widely recognized symbol of the Toronto corporation. The main on-air identification featured the logo kaleidoscopically morphing into its form while radiating outward from the centre of the screen on a blue background. This animated version, which went to air in December 1974, is also known colloquially as “The Exploding Pizza”. The appearance of this logo marked the arrival of full-colour network television service. The large shape in the middle is the letter C, which stands for Canada, and the radiating parts of the C symbolise broadcasting. The original theme music for the 1974 CBC ident was a three-note woodwind orchestral fanfare accompanied by the voiceover “This is CBC” or “Ici Radio-Canada”. This was later replaced by the more familiar 11-note synthesised jingle, which was used until December 31, 1985. The logo is also referred to as the “CBC Pizza”.