shomi… The Buttons

November 7, 2014
shomi the buttons


With the huge success of American online video streaming service Netflix, Canadian telecommunication giants Rogers & Shaw will attempt to stake their claim in the video streaming landscape of Canada.

Shomi launched on Tuesday as a very worthy rival to Netflix, with more than 12,000 hours of streamable content available, including multiple seasons of some of the best TV shows of recent years. Its focus is on episodic television. That makes up to 80 per cent of the service’s library, which at the beginning will be 340 series, with 14,000 episodes and titles totalling more than 12,000 hours of content, much of it exclusive. Thirty per cent of the content will be Canadian.

Six Cent Press was Roger’s first choice for custom buttons when promoting shomi to industry insiders and at media previews in and around Canada’s major cities.

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