Button Reminder to Change Your Clocks.

October 31, 2014
Eveready Battery


Halloween and Daylight Saving Time fall on the same weekend this year. This classic timeless vintage 2.25″ pin back button from our collection really captures the mood of the season.

During the mid 80’s EVEREADY (best known for their 9 Volt cat logo)┬áset up campaigns throughout hardware & department stores, days leading up to Daylight Savings Time reminding shoppers that changing your clocks back by an hour is also a good time to change your 9 volt battery in your homes smoke detector. Buttons were given away to shoppers who purchased a 9 volt EVEREADY battery or new smoke detector.

DST can affect both your body clock and health. Studies show that there is an increase in both heart attacks and road accidents the days after clocks are set back one hour in the fall. Happy Halloween!