Vintage Tourist Attraction Pin-Back Buttons

June 10, 2014
Butterfly World


We found this Vintage 2.25″ pin-back button at a garage sale for the once thriving Kelowna BC Butterfly World over the weekend. Most of us here at Six Cent Press have visited this attraction at some point over summer holidays during our younger days. With memories of long line-ups, camera flashes and the abundance of butterflies we were all curious if the place still exists. Sadly to say the place closed its doors some time ago and has been replaced by a church. During our internet search we found that the current operating Butterfly World’s & Gardens are either struggling, decrepit or peppered with poor online reviews. It appears that these sorts of attractions were in their hay days during the eighties through to the late 90’s.

Six Cent Press produces thousands of customized buttons for the owners and operators of seasonal and eco tourism outfits across Canada. Pin-back buttons are the ideal keepsake for all tourists and local visitors looking to take home a memory.