City of Kitchener Ontario Says it With Buttons

May 7, 2014


The City of Kitchener teams up with Six Cent Press to deploy an extensive series of pin back buttons to kick off their “Your Kitchener, Your Say!” campaign. The campaign looks to get feed back from its local residents through a series of workshops to help develop council’s strategic plan for the next four year term.

Last fall, Compass Kitchener conducted a survey of over 1,000 Kitchener residents asking what they value most about living in Kitchener. The results of that survey will be the focus of the upcoming workshops. The top responses focused on the good quality of life, vibrant neighbourhoods and the city’s ample green spaces and recreational amenities.

All residents and civil servants of Kitchener Ontario participating or encouraged to participate in the “Your Kitchener, Your Say!” will receive a campaign button to mark this important stepping stone that will have the greatest positive impact on the overall quality of life to Kitchener residents.